The 20 Most Inspiring Quotes from Get RADICAL 2014

Get RADICAL Women’s Conference
31 Mar 2014

There’s something powerful about being surrounded by positive women who are passionate about their purpose. After attending the inspiring 6th Annual Get RADICAL Women’s Conference a week ago, I wanted to share some of the most valuable nuggets of wisdom given to us from Doreen Rainey, Teneshia Jackson Warner, Laila Ali, Lori Greiner, Jean Chatzky and Thomas Blackwell. Enjoy!

  1. The Dream is good, but you have to put the dream in action.
  2. Once you align the passion with the profession and/or the career with the calling, then you will find true purpose.
  3. Courage to pursue your dreams comes from a place where you feel like you deserve it [success].
  4. I'm not cocky, I just own my space.
  5. Information is NOT power. APPLIED information is power.
  6. Don't ever expect a breakthrough if you're not willing to break down.
  7. Your confidence has to come from within.
  8. Tenacity means there is not an option to stop…you have a commitment to move forward regardless.
  9. Don't confuse purpose with profession.
  10.  Marketing gets you known, sales gets you paid.
  11. Cherish the small things because one day they will become the big things.
  12. Be flexible about how you do things, but be inflexible about the WHY.
  13. Success is relative. The more success you have, the more relatives you have.
  14. I'll believe you, when you believe you.
  15. Instead of thinking of how you can sell, think about how you can serve
  16. As an entrepreneur, remember that having a job is not a failure, it's a revenue stream.
  17. The first demographic of my target market is someone who can afford my services.
  18. You don't take "no" for an answer when your dream is on the line.
  19. To be successful, surround yourself with a reminder of others who are great.
  20. Happiness is the precursor to success. —Jeff Olson
    (Although this last quote was from a different event I attended before the conference, it was definitely worth including!)

What are some of the most inspiring, action-oriented quotes you’ve heard this year?

(Above photo: Attendees and speakers from the Get RADICAL Women's Conference 2014)


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  1. Hi Julian!

    Great blog you have here.

    My favourite action-oriented quote has to be "Learning is not done to you, it's something you choose to do."

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