7 Figure Brand Master Class

Build your 7figure brand

Thank you for your interest in joining my upcoming “Build Your 7-Figure Brand Master Class” on December 12, 2015! As an entrepreneur who built a $1.3 million business by the time I was 34, I want to teach you the most important strategies, tips and principles of building a successful brand and business.



Although I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, multi-million dollar nonprofits, and many government organizations to help them build successful brands and marketing campaigns, my passion is helping women-owned enterprises thrive in business. So I’m taking everything I’ve learned in my 18-year career and bringing it to you this December so you can kick off 2016 ready to succeed!


Just a few of the results I’ve gotten for my clients:

  1. Helping a client land a $2 million sponsor;
  2. Building a brand from scratch and creating a marketing strategy to sell $80,000 worth of tickets for an in event within only 7 weeks;
  3. Developing a marketing campaign for an international client that helped him win a historic election;
  4. Creating a powerful exhibit that netted a client a $10,000 donation from a visitor—on the spot;
  5. Giving one simple, put powerful marketing strategy to a client that increased sales overnight by 800%! 

800% increase in product sales

This class is for you if:

  1. You have a great business idea, but you’re not sure what steps to take to develop a dynamic brand.
  2. You have been in business for a while, but are in need of an “upgrade” to take your brand to the next level.
  3. You’re trying to figure out the best way to market your business and you’re not sure where to start.
  4. You’re frustrated by your lack of results from your marketing efforts.
  5. You’re not sure how to make the best use of social media platforms like Periscope to grow your brand.
  6. You are serious about building a 7-figure brand!


So if you’re tired of:

  1. Losing revenues because you’re using the wrong marketing strategies;
  2. Missing opportunities because your brand isn’t representing the quality of your products or services;
  3. Feeling stuck because you’re not sure how to develop an effective marketing strategy;
  4. Wasting time trying to figure out what isn’t working with your brand—

Then you need to sign up to for this class TODAY! 









What you’ll get:

  1. Effective, actionable information and strategies you can use right away to take your brand to the next level;
  2. My preferred vendor and resource list for everything from web site designers to social media specialists;
  3. Templates to help you develop your target audience and marketing strategy;
  4. Practical tips for getting media coverage for your business;
  5. Tips for using Periscope to effectively grow your business;
  6. My 5 biggest mistakes I made in business and how to avoid them;
  7. A valuable “Build Your 7 Figure Brand” e-book with valuable resources, content and to keep you on track after the course.
  8. Specialized small group training to help you get the most out of your Master Class, and more!
    Stand out from the competition


Details: Saturday, December 12, 2015
Time: 9 am-12:30 pm EST
Format: Interactive online webinar

There are only 20 spots available for serious entrepreneurs ONLY. I’ve charged my corporate clients $10,000+ for the information and training I’ll be providing you. But because I know you’re a growing business, I’m making this information affordable for you. Someone out there needs your product or service to make their lives better, and I want to help you get it in their hands!

Early bird registration by November 28, 2015: $397

General registration after November 28, 2015: $497



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