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Tameka J. Harris

Tameka J. Harris is committed to helping coaches and consultants get more visible, more credible and more profitable with video that vibrantly attracts the clients of their dreams! As a TV personality with a deep passion for media and entertainment, Tameka combines her expertise in broadcast television, video production and content creation to produce vivid, out-of-the-box results that captivate audiences everywhere. Through her work with TAMEKAHARRISLIVE, a colorful media and entertainment brand, Tameka is on a mission to teach 1000 entrepreneurs how to successfully harness the power of video, a mobile medium that yields the highest return on investment (ROI) to date. Through live courses, workshops and consulting, Tameka energetically walks you through the complex recording process to create share-worthy, feel-good vibrant video that aligns with the heartbeat of your core message. Be sure to sign up at TAMEKAHARRISLIVE.COM to request the highly anticipated FREE Video Mini Course: "3 Ways to Kill Anxiety Before You Press Record!"