This One Easy Trick Will Help You Keep Those Wrinkles Away

This one trick will keep those wrinkles away
08 Jul 2015

The reality is that our skin changes the older we get. Changes range from dryness and thinning of the skin, to loss of elasticity and those hideous fine lines we call wrinkles. I bet you didn’t know that there is a day-to-day routine that can help get rid of wrinkles the natural way:

Change your sleep position.

So let’s talk about your horrible sleep habits (I’m guilty too). Those noticeable “premature” wrinkles on the side of your face or forehead are in part from sleeping on your side or on your stomach. Placing your face on your pillow over time will create fine lines. According to a WebMD report, no matter how soft your pillow, sleeping with your face on your pillow puts pressure on your face—etching lines on your forehead, chin, and cheeks.

It is recommended to sleep on your back (Sleeping Beauty was doing it right).

As creatures of habit, sleeping on your back after sleeping on your side or stomach religiously could be a daunting task. But all is not lost, instead of using cotton pillowcases, use satin. When your face is against a satin pillowcase, wrinkles or sleep lines are not formed. Sleeping on cotton pillowcase doesn’t allow your skin to slide on the pillow as you move, which is why you could end up with sleep lines or wrinkles over a period of time.

Personally, I use a U-Shaped pillow (Bed Bath & Beyond has some good ones) which helps prop up my neck because of occasional back pain from working out. However, what I found is that it helps me sleep on my back longer before I “sleep transition” to my side, and then the satin pillowcase takes over. Also there are beauty pillowcases and pillows on the market made of special foams and unique shapes that could help too. For your convenience, I have posted links below to purchase wrinkle-preventing pillowcases:

1) Hammacher Schlemmer

2) Solid Silk Pillowcase- Amazon

3) Pure Silk Facial Beauty Pillowcase- Amazon

4) Dream Skin Beauty Pillowcase

So go get your beauty sleep on the right way!

We’d like to hear from you. Do you sleep with your face in the pillow, on your side, or on your back? After reading this article what changes will you make to your sleep positions?

 Photo: Kris Krüg

Oby Nwaogbe

Oby Nwaogbe has spent her career in communications as a television producer and news reporter covering stories that appeal to an international audience. In addition to other assignments, she is a U.S. correspondent for, Nigeria’s most exciting news and entertainment channel based in Lagos. In 2006, Oby founded her video production company, OBONE Productions, LLC providing multimedia and production services to both national and international clients. A licensed esthetician, she started Traveling Chix Mobile Spa, LLC to educate clients on the importance of being healthy from the inside out. Oby holds a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism and Sociology from Howard University.


  1. Thanks for these tips, been wanting to get a silk pillow case and this sealed the deal

  2. Thanks OB for sharing your secret, now I know! This is actually supposed to be good for a whole lot of other health reasons too.

    • Oby Nwaogbe Says: July 8, 2015 at 5:13 pm

      Thank you, Mary for checking out the article. Hopefully, we’ll all grow old wrinkle free!! (:

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