How I Overcame A Major Obstacle to Step Out Boldly In Faith

How I Overcame A Major Obstacle to Step Out Boldly In Faith
17 Jul 2015

I share how God moved me into my Zion Daughter music ministry journey as a way to reveal the many obstacles God is helping me overcome in hopes that it will encourage you on your own faith journey. 

As I shared in this article, before I could begin this music ministry, God first opened my eyes to the realization that I needed to develop a personal relationship with Him through The Alpha Course—a powerful program which introduces the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions that explore the meaning of life.

It seemed that for as long as I could remember I had looked for unconditional love, acceptance and a purpose for my life. This seeking led to looking for love in all the wrong places  At times I felt like “the woman at the well” and like her, my life was forever-changed because of my Divine Encounter with God. In Him I found the unconditional love and acceptance I had been looking for and I saw Him guide me into my purpose.

I wanted to continue growing in my faith and I found the means to do so through my Bible Study/Prayer Group, by reading The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren;  by  listening to listening to Gospel music as well as various televangelists. God used music as an important part of my faith journey. No surprise there, as He knew music moves me in my spirit like no other means of communication.

At the time, we had only one local Christian music station in DC WGTS, and I was so grateful for having somewhere I could go to celebrate with others God’s goodness and mercy and turn to Him in times of desperation.  It wasn’t enough for me to just listen to music; I love to praise through song and shared this gift  as a member of St Cecilia African Gospel Choir and at various church events.  For years I was content using this gift in this capacity—that was, until the still, small voice prompted me to get out of my comfort zone.

BOLDMOVEquoteHave you had an experience where you just know that you know that God is talking to you in that still small voice?  I have, and one of those times occurred when a message came through my Prayer Group leader that God was calling some of us to do bigger things through Him than we had done before. I can’t explain it but I felt that God was telling me to make a bold move in regards to my singing.

Though I had no idea where to begin but I was going to be obedient. It wasn’t easy to get started nor to keep walking this journey of faith. There were times I wondered how God could decide to use someone like me who had betrayed Him so many times and made myself an idol by doing things my way instead of His way. Then I would recall how He used people like David, Peter, and Paul.  When I would start dwelling on the fact that I could neither read music, write music, nor play a musical instrument (except for some percussion ) God would remind me how He used a stone in David’s hand to defeat Goliath and Moses’ staff to part the Red Sea.

PERFECTWILLINGquoteIndeed, doubts arose….but God’s grace continued to abound even when the plans I originally had to work with a gifted music producer who had done an amazing job on my friend’s CD were derailed by the fact that he had moved out of the country. With every step I took of this journey, I kept telling God that if this was truly His call upon my life He would make a way where there seemed to be no way ( Isaiah 43:19).

Because of the personal relationship I had developed with God I  knew that I had to trust Him to lead me into overcoming every obstacle I faced.  There was no way I could’ve continued this journey before God became an abiding  presence in my life.

Often we think that if God calls us to do something then everything should easily fall into place. We take that as a sign that we are in God’s will.  But as I have learned over time, this is not always the case.

Many times God instructs us to do something, but the enemy wants to put obstacles in our way. Other times, our own fear of failure and inadequacy lead us on the path of disobedience. Then there are times the obstacles are there because God has mapped out a different path than we envisioned. In my case,  I have dealt with all of the above.

Bold & Fearless Quote CardsI thank God for His grace that He didn’t let me give up when I encountered that  first obstacle of my would-have-been music producer living in another country. After much prayer to help me overcome my fears and doubt, God showed me that He was with me to guide and provide for all I needed to fulfill this call. He used this same person to refer me to someone who lived in my area with whom I could work. I believe it was “God-incidence” that this person turned out to be a Pastor called Emmanuel, which means “God with us.”

As I made preparations for our meeting I knew that God had given me confirmation that He was with me all the way. I trusted Him to perfect everything step by step truly believing that He wasn’t asking me to be perfect, only to be willing to answer His call…and so my Zion Daughter  adventure began.
What obstacles do you have to overcome in order to make that bold move you need to make in answer to God’s call or direction?  


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Mary Kiganda

Mary Kiganda created Zion Daughter music ministry for the purpose of producing and sharing Gospel and inspirational music. She is a native-born Ugandan with mixed Rwandese heritage raised in America. Her musical influences vary from Contemporary Gospel to African, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, Jazz, Rock and Reggae. She has been in the performing arts industry over 20 years ago through Kayaga of Africa and more recently with Mbuutu of Uganda. Over the years, she has used her gift to evangelize through music while celebrating her cultural heritage with various choirs at numerous events in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Through her Zion Daughter music ministry, she wants to encourage others to grow in the love, knowledge and the fear of God through music.


  1. Fidelia Says: July 22, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    What an inspiring spirit You posses and you don’t really realize how many others you’ve touched through His power and will continue to reach. May an outpouring of God’s love and blessings continue for you! We cannot wait for what He has ordained next for you!

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