What Everybody Ought to Know About Fear [Video]

What everyone needs to know about fear
19 Jun 2015

Fear is can be a crippling emotion. Every single one of us has dealt with it at some point in our lives. The question is: What are we going to do with that fear? Interestingly enough, the majority of our fears never even come true. But in those times where we’re being engulfed by fear, it can be difficult to remember that on the other side of that fear…that doubt…that hesitation—is your breakthrough.

This video by Eric Thomas (aka The Hip Hop Preacher and one of my favorite motivational speakers) is all about being David against your Goliath. Even as a successful international public speaker and teacher, Eric has to still deal with his share of fears on a regular basis. I hope this video inspires you to push through your fears so you can get to the other side of your greatness.

What is the one thing you fear most which keeps you from pursuing what you’re most passionate about?


At our very first Bold & Fearless Friday, Christine St. Vil of Moms N’ Charge will be talking about how she pushed through her fears of public speaking and becoming an entrepreneur to now live the life she never imagined. From becoming a featured speaker at Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference to now being a regular expert on a local FOX News station, Christine is a perfect example of how to “Do It Afraid.”

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Julian B. Kiganda

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  1. I am most fearful of fear itself! But I have learned over time and many failures ago, I gotta just stare fear in the eye and dare him to leap! BOOM!!

    • Julian B. Kiganda Says: June 22, 2015 at 4:04 am

      I heard that Utokia! Fear can keep you from doing the things you’re most passionate about. Go on and keep on leaping!

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