Meet the F.L.Y. Mom in Charge Who’s Helping Mompreneurs Fearlessly Pursue Their Dreams [Video]

Meet the F.L.Y. Mom in Charge Who’s Helping Mompreneurs Fearlessly Pursue Their Dreams [Video]
24 Aug 2015

Christine St. Vil is an a sought-after speaker, popular blogger, published author, social media expert and #1 F.L.Y. Mom of Moms N’ Charge. However, she wasn’t always in charge. There was a time where she battled postpartum depression which kept her living the definition of sanity. That was, until she realized that she had so much more to give, and went on a journey to discover how to take back control of her life. She now teaches other F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself) moms to do the same through her company, Moms N’ Charge, by showing them that they don’t have to give up on their dreams once they start families. It’s possible to run a successful business while also running a happy household.

In this dynamic video co-produced by Tameka J. Harris of Tameka Harris Live, Christine gives us an inside look at how she manages it all–and stays beautifully sane while doing it.

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Julian B. Kiganda

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  1. Thanks so much Aisha for reading my blog, I appreciate it! There's nothing like being a mompreneur 🙂

  2. I love Christine, she is inspiring and such a lovely woman, happy for the behind the scenes tips! Keep being fabulous…

  3. I follow Christine on alot of social media platforms. She’s very inspiring.

  4. I love when we can take our own strugle and turn it into a blessing for others.

  5. So inspiring! It’s true I can’t stand the fact that while I’m working to make someone else’s dream happen I’m missing out on the precious time with my children. Like Christine I have 3 little one and my amazing partner that I would love to have more time with.

  6. What a great post! Too many new moms suffer from this and think they are alone with no help. It’s great that she’s doing this!

  7. Great post. It is so important that moms know that they are not alone and have resources to help.

  8. Such a positive and inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! As Moms we are all pretty amazing!

  9. LOVE this! Motherhood – and life in general – can get very stressful so it’s important to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of everyone else.

  10. Christine is such an inspiration. Yes you can be a Fly mom and run your own business. Awesome!

  11. I am not a mom yet but I just want to say kudos to her and all of the other moms because I can only imagine how life can become more stressful when you no longer have to worry about yourself but another life. So I think what she does for other moms is very cool and inspirational.

  12. Love this, I’m in the “Do it Afraid” stage. I’m going balls to the wall with my dreams. I can no longer be so afraid that I don’t take any action. I have to accept the fact that people will tell me no and that is okay.

  13. Great post! Being a mom with a business can be pretty stressful. I love it tho— I also read Mom's in Charge blog on a regular basis.

  14. Yes love this. I was so depressed for years myself and I let myself go….all the way. TO know that you can bounce back like this…Yes I am here for it

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