Meet the Woman Who’s Helping DC Become a Hub for African Fashion [Video]

Anika Hobbs Nubian Hueman African fashion
26 Jun 2015

African fashion is no longer just a trend–it’s a global movement. And Anika Hobbs of Nubian Hueman Boutique is at the forefront of the movement to make DC a hub for African fashion. This savvy entrepreneur has created a space where designers, artists and socially conscious individuals come together to collaborate and thrive.

In our first Bold & Fearless Video Profile, you’ll get a glimpse into what drives this savvy entrepreneur’s commitment to her business and the many people it impacts.

Leave a comment and share the video with someone who could use a dose of inspiration today to continue walking towards their dreams–no matter how many obstacles they may face. Enjoy!

Video by Tameka Harris Live.


Julian B. Kiganda

I hope you enjoyed this post! A little about me: I’m the founder of Bold & Fearless and a Transformational Brand Strategist. My gifting is in helping purpose-driven women transform and build million-dollar brands. I’m also an author, transformational speaker and multi-passionate entrepreneur. In 2014, I published my first highly-acclaimed book co-authored with my sister: Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. To learn more about how you can connect or work with me, visit


  1. Love it! Her story is so inspirational. If I lived in DC she would have all my money lol. I love African fashion. Thanks for profiling her.

    • Julian B. Kiganda Says: July 1, 2015 at 12:58 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Vashti! You and me both with that penchant for African fashion. There’s nothing like it! The great thing about Nubian Hueman is that you can also order online.

  2. I absolutely love this post! I love that African fashion and heritage is taking the world by storm. It is so vibrant and the prints are so mesmerizing. Thanks for this post and bringing this young lady in DC to our attention!

    • Julian B. Kiganda Says: June 30, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      Tyra, if you’re ever in the DC area, make sure to stop by Nubian Hueman and let Anika know I sent you! Yes, there’s just something about African print…

  3. I remember meeting Anika for the first time. She is truly a gem and always so sweet. This video was amazing and so was the content shared, great advice!

    • Thank you Christine! We are as strong as the company we keep. Your movement has been so inspiring and definitely has been a motivation and source of inspiration to me.

  4. It’s so refreshing to see African culture being embraced by women all over the world. She speaks with such conviction and positivity. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Love the fact that African Fashions are being brought to the forefront! Definitely on my Must Visit list!

  6. This is so cool! I love how African Fashion is so vibrant and almost alive! I wish I was still in DC so I could visit this store!

  7. This was awesome, she’s beautiful, her clothing is beautiful and her advise powerful. I wish her all the best and if I’m ever in DC I will stop by.

  8. I love this shop and I’ve purchased few things. I’m a big supporter of small businesses Her words were so real and so reassuring.

  9. This is great. Good place to set up shop too.

  10. Evelyne Says: June 28, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Two thumbs way up for the production and information contained in the video. I can’t wait to make my first purchase.

  11. Love! Love! Love this! The video is fantastic Mrs. Tameka J. Harris!! Nubian Hueman Boutique is a fantastic store. I can and have, spent hours in that store. Ha! I’m proud to say that I have one of Anika’s designs.

  12. Love it! Great and inspiring stuff. Thanks for profiling her. I love stories like these. OAN, if you’re ever looking for more bold and fearless women, would Love to be considered.

    • Julian B. Kiganda Says: June 29, 2015 at 3:16 am

      Thank you for stopping by, Nicole! We’ll definitely keep you in mind for a future profile.

  13. Oh I love some Afircan Print. My mom use to sew and she did a wedding one time with the Print I remember she had to order it 3 months ahead when it got to the house I was in love. I told my mom she had to make me something from the leftover fabric

  14. I used to live in DC and it is the perfect place for this shop and movement! Kudos to her! Definitely an inspiration.

    • Julian B. Kiganda Says: June 29, 2015 at 2:35 am

      DC is so culturally diverse that it makes great business sense to cater to that audience 🙂 Truly, Anika is inspring.

    • Being in Southeast DC was one of the best moves we could have made. The local community has truly embraced us and we continuously make partnerships to build east of the river. Thank you, Nadeen!

  15. Awesome! How cool is this that African Fashion is making is splash every where around the world?! Great post!

  16. I cannot wait to visit this store! I got one dress when I was in Benin last year, and I wish I would have gotten 10. Every time I wear it, I feel so strong and I think I stand a little taller. And people always compliment me!

    The next time I’m in D.C., I’m there. Thank you SO much for the introduction, Julian!

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