India.Arie Reminds Us to “Breathe”: Inspired by the Movement for Black Lives

India.Arie Reminds Us to “Breathe”: Inspired by the Movement for Black Lives
26 Jul 2016

There has been so much anger, fear, frustration and hopelessness over the past few weeks in the United States. The many instances of police brutality and violence against police have made many of us wonder where it will all end. Have we gone backwards in our progress towards equality and justice? Is there any solution to the continuing violence against Black men and women? Will there ever be justice for the families who are

still mourning the premature loss of their loved ones?

We are grateful for organizations like the Movement for Black Lives, which continue to advocate and fight for justice. We all have a part to play in our own way, but in the midst of that fight, we have to remember to LIVE and to BREATHE as India.Arie reminds us so beautifully in her newest song “Breathe” which was inspired by the Movement.

“Continue to breathe…

In times like these, that’s what your heart

is for.


to breathe…

In honor of your brother, that’s what your heart is for…”

Enjoy! And please share this with someone who needs to be inspired.


At times like this, we can feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what it will take to make in impact on the issues that affect us and our communities. What is one thing you can do

today to help create a more equitable and just global community?

Photo by Harry Wad, CC BY-SA 3.0

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