What Lisa Nichols Says in This Video Will Completely Change the Way You Look at Obstacles

What Lisa Nichols Says in This Video Will Completely Change the Way You Look at Obstacles
08 Jun 2015

So often, we begin to pursue what we’re passionate about, only to allow obstacles to stop us in mid-pursuit. Be honest: how many times have you thought about doing what really brings you joy, and then immediately dismissed the thought because of past failures and the challenges you’d have to overcome?

If you’re raising your hand, you’re definitely not alone.

The biggest reason 70% of Americans are not fulfilled in their current career choice, is because of fear of failure.

It took me a long time to understand that failure is not the end of a dream; it’s actually meant to be a stepping stone to the realization of a bigger vision.

Along the road to making your vision a reality, you’re going to find that there a number of challenges you’ll have to overcome in order to get to where you want to go. I love what Lisa Nichols—one of my favorite speakers, teachers and leaders—says in this video about re-framing the way you look at obstacles.

Here are the most important takeaways:

1. “Don’t be frustrated by obstacles. Obstacles are designed to help you develop your resiliency muscle, your persistence muscle. You can’t get strong without obstacles.”

2. “You want the character of a giant, but you don’t want to climb the mountain.”

3. “Obstacles are designed to support your growth; they’re not designed to stop you. You should only stop long enough to determine your next move.”

4. “You have the pen in your hand to write your entire biography. You design your destiny. No one else is holding the pen for you.”

So don’t let those obstacles deter you; instead, let them guide you. Trust me, you don’t want to die having regrets about not doing the things you loved most. You owe it to yourself to peel back those layers of fear and shine that light which has the power to light up the world! Remember: You can’t climb a smooth mountain.

How have you successfully dealt with obstacles in the past?


Julian B. Kiganda

I hope you enjoyed this post! A little about me: I’m the founder of Bold & Fearless and a Transformational Brand Strategist. My gifting is in helping purpose-driven women transform and build million-dollar brands. I’m also an author, transformational speaker and multi-passionate entrepreneur. In 2014, I published my first highly-acclaimed book co-authored with my sister: Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. To learn more about how you can connect or work with me, visit www.julianbkiganda.com.


  1. I honestly don’t think we can get anywhere worth getting to without obstacles. Obstacles show up in my life and make me question if I want what I’m reaching for. If the answer is yes, then, obstacle or not, I’m going to push through to get there! BOOM! Thanks Julian!

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